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Školní vodácký kurz na Berounce


You certainly manage work life balance masterfully, but what about your balance on a board with a paddle in your hand? Try this still young sport here with your team. Even small children can do it on a paddleboard. What about your team? ;-)

Rivertubing na kanále v Brandýse


Looking for something more adrenaline? Wild water is the real thing! Raft on two-seater self-inflating canoes in Austria or on rafts on an artificial slalom track in the Czech Republic.

kajak škola na kanálev Brandse


The classic canoe never gets old. Set out to paddle some Czech classics.  Whether you paddle on Beron, Vltava, or even on Sázava, you will have a lot of fun on the water.


River tubing

Ultimate whitewater fun for everyone. Try the power of wild water and organize Rivetubing races here on the artificial slalom channel in Brandys nad Labem. 



Kayaking, like rafting, can be adrenaline-fueled fun, but you can also paddle as comfortably as you can in canoes. You sit alone in a kayak, but kayaking is still a team sport!

Image by Vince Fleming


Are you a school, company or outdoor agency and need to professionally organize your boating event on the river? We offer rental of our certified instructors. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a price calculation contact

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