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Thu, 30 May




The Soča is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. It offers a variety of terrain difficulties from easier sections to difficult white water intended for experts. Its blue-green clear water with beautiful views will be etched in your memory. It is rightly called the pearl of European rivers. Price: 7,900 CZK


Čas a místo

30 May 2024, 12:00 – 02 Jun 2024, 21:00

Bovec, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia

O události

Soča is one of the most beautiful European rivers. It offers paddlers all levels of difficulty from easy white water to hard water requiring experience. 4 days on the water in the beautiful surroundings of the Julian Alps await you. The departure will be on Wednesday afternoon and we will spend the night on the way at Lago di Predil and then I will move to the campsite in Bovci. 

This event is intended for slightly advanced kayakers who want to hone their skills. They know the basic elements of driving such as stopping in a switchback, going into the current and they manage the Eskimo turn. Canoeists on inflatable whitewater canoes can also take part in this course. 


1 day- After breakfast, we will stop in the city of Sochi for the mandatory permit to float and   immediately after that we will go out on the water. First up is Vodenca – Srpenica I with   difficulty WW II – III later dropping to WW I – II. This is an 8km long   section for moving and paddling on a wide, briskly flowing river without   treacherous places, but you have to be careful about possible sediments in _8df6fbcc3-49d93d3 a511-2eb009ed8a2d_troughs! Return to the campsite in the afternoon and the possibility of visiting the historical center  města

2. Day- After morning coffee, we head upstream to sail the section  Bunkerji – Česzoča. WW II - III (with two WW IV locations) awaits us. Below  the first difficult place with a blocked channel (WW IV),  we will judge the passage on the spot according to the skills of the participants and the river conditions.  Another difficult place is the gorge (WW IV), floating will again depend  on the current water condition. Further ahead, a fast-flowing river with boulders in the  bed, which requires good control of the boat on flowing water, being able to  stop, cross the current, enter and exit the backwater.


3. Day- Log Čessoški  – Srpenica II. After the landing place Srpenica I, this   part is the same as the first day and we will use this part to consolidate basic   kayaking skills. The following section of Srpenica II is 2.5 km long   difficulty WW 2-3. It is a fast-flowing river in a wide channel with  large boulders and rocks that offer plenty of space for practice and  strengthening of paddling skills.

4. Day- On the last day of our course, the boating program will be specified according to the current water conditions. We will go either to Korytnica, a section length of approx. 5 km with difficulty WW II - III (2x IV) or to Lieser with a length of approx. 10 km with difficulty WW II - III, which is located on the way back to the Czech Republic in Austria.

Price includes:

  • Rental of complete equipment - boat, paddle, helmet, neoprene, neoprene boots, paddling jacket, certified vest for kayakers, spray jacket
  • The course will be provided by a certified instructor at all times
  • Photos from the event

Price does not include:

  • Accommodation - (we are camping in a campsite) the approximate price is 15 euros/night
  • Permit for sailing 3 euros/day
  • Eating and drinking regime
  • Travel insurance with additional risk sports insurance

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