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Fri, 27 May



Spring Salze canoe+kayak course

Spring paddling course designed for kayakers and canoeists on the Austrian Salza. Price: 3,800 CZK

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Spring Salze canoe+kayak course
Spring Salze canoe+kayak course

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27 May 2022, 18:00 – 29 May 2022, 17:00

Wildalpen, 8924 Wildalpen, Austria

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The Austrian Salza is already a boating classic. There is hardly any boater who does not hone his shots in its clear water. Whether you ride a kayak or an inflatable canoe, you can enjoy the Salza in almost any water condition. The upper section does not require a lot of experience. The difficulty ranges from WW I - II. In the lower section, a gorge awaits you, and the difficulty is a maximum of WW III.

Salza video


1 day- On Saturday, we are waiting for the upper section from the Prescena Klause dam to the camp in Wildalpen. Where we will move after breakfast in the camp and after dividing into canoeing and kayaking groups. This is a relaxed section with beautiful views of the Ybbstaler Alps, where we will have the opportunity to paddle, play crews and practice all the necessary driving elements in less difficult passages of the river. Before the camp, however, Salza makes herself known and becomes tougher. A slalom course awaits us right at the campsite, incl. of the legendary roller, where we can further refine the technique. 

  • The length of the float is 17 km
  • WW I - II difficulty

If the water conditions and fitness of the participants allow it, we can extend the first day by the upper abandoned gorge above the dam (approx. + 10 km)

2. Day- In the morning we will pack up the campsite at the campsite and head to the lower section below the campsite, where the difficulty will be up to WW III and some great places to practice your shots and riding elements. Those who are low on adrenaline can try the legendary jump from the bridge into the clear waters of the Salza before the final gorges.  

  • The length of the float is 17 km
  • WW II - III difficulty

Price includes:

  • instructor team with valid license
  • permission
  • rental of complete equipment (wetsuit, shoes, jacket, helmet, paddle vest) + kayakers syringe
  • rental of fully equipped whitewater kayaks or inflatable canoes
  • photos or video from the event
  • the possibility of arranging a carpool from Prague, from where the van with the equipment departs

Price does not include:

  • risk sports insurance
  • camping fee is about 13 euros/person
  • transportation
  • drinking regime and eating

Minimum number of course participants 6

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